Date: January 26, 2014

FLIRT Green Apple is a vodka with a fresh green apple flavour which has got all the characteristic qualities of FLIRT vodka. Due to the most innovative technologies, the aroma of the fruit is completely preserved and gently pleases the palate. It is a favourite beverage, both in the winter and on hot summer nights, drunk neat or as the main ingredient of a playful Eve’s Sin cocktail – FLIRT Green Apple, sodawater, green apple juice and a little bit of lemon.d depending on the length and the employer’s policies, the break may or may not be paid.

FLIRT Vodka is balanced and soft, with a neutral aroma. It is produced from crystal clear water and selected wheat which undergoes several phases of fermentation and multiple distillation. Its flavour heightens emotions, provokes associations and rouses desires. The uncompromising control of the quality of the ingredients and the multi-stage cascade treatment guarantee an excellent final product capable of satisfying the caprice of every customer!